Sunday, 29 June 2008

Damn it i just lost my new post and it was really funny, hmm may be not really funny perhaps mildly amusing. Well it's the weekend again and I have to say due to new delivery of beads I did not beat my being sociable record. The highlight of my week other than getting my new beads was the pucca pie i had for tea on thursday and staring at some dry soil willing my grass seed to grow. How exciting my life is.

So the pretty blue beads you see there in the new photo are soon going to be offered for sale in my ETSY shop. They are 12mm hand blown hollow glass beads. Each one is ever so slightly different as with most things truly handmade. They are light as a feather and wonderfully delicate. The Other new photo is an example of a necklace made with the very same hollow beads sterling silver and swarovki crystals.

So i have managed to drag myself away from checking my Etsy shop and playing with beads to watch America's got talent and Top Gear. Trash Tv is the only thing that works. I'm lucky that Gossip Girl is only on once a week otherwise i'd never get anything done.


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