Thursday, 18 August 2011

Where have I been lately??

So any of you that pop by regularly may be wondering where I have been lately. I mean its been like 6 months...WOW where does the time go.

You may have read earlier posts about where I live and what I have been up to and there for might have seen that last year my husband and I bought an unfinished apartment in Chamonix Mont Blanc.

Well that is what I have been doing lately. In between bits and pieces of work we have been building our new nest. But we are still missing a few vital twigs here and there, like a kitchen for example!

So as you can imagine living on a building site doesn't do wonders for the ole creative juices. It has been torture knowing that I have a box full of felting supplies and soap supplies just waiting for me to open them and give them some love.

But now I can glimpse some light at the end of the very long tunnel I have started making again. I have an annual sale in december so I have started to make stock. Once I have enough I will start to put them on ETSY again as I am sure I have been forgotten.

please keep checking up on me because once the nest is all lined with feathers I fully intend on getting back on the horse with vigour. Look out for some new tutorials and join me as I take my first steps in to the world of soap and bath bombs.