Monday, 31 October 2011

New Etsy Shop Name

Right then, previously when you signed up to etsy you weren't able to change your shop name and I didn't realize that your user name was your shop name. So I got stuck with sammi10 as my shop name.

Not very effective right? So I made my shop banner say all that glitters as I wanted this to be what people remembered, but as you can imagine there was no continuity. I have been a bit absent in recent months due to the renovation of our flat and while I was sleeping it has now become possible to change my etsy shop name.

"excellent" I thought I went to change it to all that glitters and yep you guesses it that shop name had already been taken. So I have a new name in mind but I would like to have your input too. If you have a name to suggest to me please comment on this post and let me know.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Felt Fuzzy Wonders

So this is what I have been up to in between working and making soap ready for Christmas. I have finally started restocking my ETSY shop. I have to admit I have been neglecting it what with living in a building site doesn't do wonders for the ole creative juices. So slowly but surely I'm filling it with fuzz.

I also have an annual sale with a friend of mine that makes amazing crochet hats so that has been a good kick up the backside too to get off Facebook and get crafty. Check her site out it's called Get Smitten you will find the link in the left hand side bar.

Now I'm back at home in Chamonix i'm not sure what the public are going to think of my new stuff, I have been making felt now for a year and a half or so but the people who come to my sale have only ever seen the beaded jewelry work I had done in the past , so I am a wee bit nervous about it. I mean everyone thinks their kids are beautiful right, do I just have my rose tinted specs on?

If anyone actually reads my posts to the end I would love some comments, feedback, color combo suggestions anything really. Just let me know you are out there.

Monday, 24 October 2011


How perfect! I make felt, I now make soap, so felted soap is such a perfect combination. I have quite a few miss shapen soaps from my first few batches that are nice soaps but just don't look very pretty, so I'm going to tart them up so they won't get left out of the little christmas hampers I intend on making.

I was supposed to trim the soap to get rid of the hard edges but I forgot so this one is a bit wobbly. This one was more of a test than a gift effort, this one will probably end up in the bath with me.

For any one who has made felt before it is a very simple procedure. You follow the standard layering in opposite directions dampen rub ect. I think if anyone is interested I can make up a photo tutorial.

You don't have to be a soap maker to make felted soap gifts, look around the shops for interesting shaped soaps and felt them adding your own little stamp to it. I think the felted soaps will make fab Christmas stocking fillers.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

CP Soap progress update

So in my last couple of posts I ve been going on about making soap. Well its been about 6 weeks since i made my first batch. I love anything crafty and do have a tendency to get hooked right away, soap has been no different for me.

My first few batches were rustic looking to say the least but in the tub are actually very nice and so different from one another.

The shapes are all wobbly, not refined at all. The kind of beige soap is the first soap I ever made, the goat milk castile soap. The dark orange colored one was my first attempt at my own recipe. It looks kind of awful but is so gentle. The pale yellow one is another of my own recipes. Once you have made a few batches don't be afraid to freestyle a bit.BUT!!!!!! Always run your recipes through at least 1 or two lye calculators go to or

So after a month and a half of making soap on a saturday here is a picture of where I am at now

If you're interested in soap check out you tube it has a hole bunch of useful videos...enjoy