Sunday, 6 July 2008

boney m

Well well well yet another fun packed weekend for me! I went ot he first rose club of the summer season for me. The Rose Club for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term it's a bunch of women sitting round on a friday night after work getting sloshed. I got caught at a different bar last week and news soon go back to rose club chairperson and i got a black mark next to my name. The lead up for the weekend was good as i got a few sales though unfortunately not for my jewellery but for the really pretty beads im now selling too...Check the out! Click on the ICH LIBE ETSY icon to the right.

My hubbie fitted a sky light in our roof so now we have light! I keep thinkning I ve left a light on. Its a bit like someones taken the roof off and forgotten to put it back. But whats the best is that I can now make stuff in front of the Tv with out going blind.

It was the 100 years of the mont blanc railway yesterday so the town put on a free concert and in true free concert tradition the bands were crap. The lead singer from imagination ( who was at school with my brother so I know how old he was) Two random bands singing 70s covers with lots of overactive gesticulation and yes I thought they were all dead too... Boney M. Who were the crappist of the lot. They came on three women and one skinny 70 year old who then stormed off after a bit of a sound problem leaving the women to do a five munute medly of rubbish. How dissapointing but everyone was already far beyond merry to really care by that point.

So for those counting that yet again is two nights out and about talking tand being sociable. How proud am I!

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