Wednesday, 18 June 2008

first sale

Yeah i got my first sale last night! I dreamt a few days ago that i had sold something on my etsy site only to wake up and be disapointed. But then this morning i checked just because it's become a bit of a habit. Turns out the dream was just a few days early. I wanted to post the picture of the piece in question but i still cant seem to upload pictures onto this site. Nem mind.

When i m not fiddling with my findings and pawing over my new beads Im sitting bored as you like waiting for customers to come into the sports shop I waste most of my time in or elbow deep in paint. Unfortunately not liquitex or daler and rowney but more like dulux or b&q. One day i'll be able to pay a few bills from my creative endeavors. Id like to get my art up on this site some time soon once i figure out what to do about the damned photos.

My husband caught me potato printing last sunday... luckily he has a sense of humor but when he found that id hidden the potato shapes at the back of the fridge they found thier way into the bin quite quickly.

I'm hoping that my etsy luck will continue and i wish all the luck on the web to all the newer newbies than me.

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