Friday, 24 January 2014

Mission Bangkok shopping

I have recently come back from Thailand  a special holiday for my husband an i's tenth wedding anniversary. I hadnt been anywhere long haul in 5 years so i was very excited to be going on a big plane and a plane that wasn't orange. ( my european readers will understand, it's the colour of the local low cost airline in europe)

I know bangkok pretty well but I wanted to discover some different areas of shopping that i handn't really looked into seriously before. I wanted to buy beads for my little online bumsiness and fabric to feed my addiction of colour and pattern. I am a very amateur quilter so i wanted to replenish my fabric stores.

I had done weeks of research on where to go, down loaded maps etc and was very excited when this part of my trip came around. I thought all my efforts were to be thwarted by the Bangkok shut,down protests; luckily thanks to the internet i was slowed down but not halted in my quest for crafting goods!

Here are the lovely fabrics i found and of course i wish i had bought more! Thses beauties cost me betwwen 40-89 baht a meter so that's £0.80 - 1.50 i was really umming and arring over spending 1.50!
So if you want to find fabrics in Bangkok you need to go to pahurat market, it is in an area known as little india. Depending on where you are staying i was staying in the siam square area so i jumped on the sky train to Saphan Taskin where i linked on to the river boat taxi. The river boat is a little confusing i just joined the queue and told the ticket lady i wanted to go to memorial bridge( stop 6) its all a bit hectic getting on and off but quite fun so dont go too far from where you get on or off the boat as you may well miss your stop. As you are looking at the water you want a boat coming from the left going to the right. It cost 15baht per person.

Here is a map of the area. The first time i came to this area i walked from hua lampong train station and it took bloody ages! I would recomend the boat or get a taxi or a bus from the train station if you must.

Pahurat market is on sampng lane but blink and youll miss the entrance. Its kind of covered over but if you find pahurat rd walk to the end where chakphet rd crosses it and its on the other side of the street.

I hope this post helps if you want any more info please dont hesitate to contact me...enjoy!