Monday, 16 June 2008


Wow welcome to my blog, im not really sure what i m doing at the moment so please check back again from time to time to see how my blog has improved. I ve recently opened an etsy shop and since reading lots of forums and chatting i did notice how everyone and thier wives had a blog. So not being one to like feeling left out i thought i d better get me one of them blogs. And here I am.

A little bit about my self to bore you to tears then... My name is Samantha Tenn I live in Chamonix in the french alpes and I am what i suppose you could call an artist. I draw, paint, write and i make jewellery. I'm a snowboarder, a daughter, a sister, a friend, but not yet a mother.

What floats my boat? Anything creative ( a curse i know) I almost wish sometimes i had been born with an analytical brain ( see i dont even think I spelled that right) I would really love to love numbers but the truth is I just don't bores me senseless.
At the momment it's ETSY. For all those out there who dont know what it is, its the coolest place to shop, if you want something different, handcrafted, not mass produced by robots ETSY is the place for you ( and all your mates) Check out my shop I'd love to know what you think.

Right then I m sure I 'll think of some other interesting stuff to write about me ,life the universe and everything but for the minute Thats all folks.

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