Thursday, 5 March 2015

Daily Etsy Flash Sale

So as anyone who has stumbled across my blog in the past will know that I love to travel, long walks on the beach and I have two Etsy One shop sells beads, I try to find beads that aren't run of the mill type beads. I like to find vintage beads, beads that have been hand crafted or that are just so ridiculously pretty I just have to have them.
Like these beads for instance that I picked up in Turkey this autumn. I think they are just stunning, especially if you are going for the slightly boho ethnic type feel, ( i was going to say vibe then but I caught myself just in time.)

The other shop sells Vintage items, mostly vintage jewellery but also vintage French items as I live in France.

But I am here today to unashamedly self promote my bead shop. I want to be one of those etsy shops that sell thousands of units not just hundreds. So for the whole of march I will be having a daily flash sale which will give a considerable saving on one item each day. To find out which item is being featured you will have to check my Facebook page to find out.

I will let you in on a secret... Tomorrows flash sale item is going to be these awesome lamp work beads.
so if you like finding a bargain pop along to my shop or check my Facebook page for details on more products on sale.

Friday, 20 February 2015

ETSY What am I doing wrong?

Ok it's rant time again. I have two shops on Etsy one selling vintage jewellery and French vintage items. The other sells Beads, glass beads, vintage beads stone beads, ceramic beads all kinds of beads.

I believe that my beads are very competitively priced, ok my photography could perhaps be a little better but it's generally pretty good. Why aren't my items flying out of the door?

This week in my shop I have been trying to figure out SEO search engine optimisation. I have changed the tag line of my shop, altered section names and item titles...then BINGO! i got a sale and quite a big one for my shop 8 items! I thought whoopee this SEO business really makes a difference! Then nothing...not a bean.

I thought do i need to be listing in the middle of the night to make advantage of all my American cousins who are awake whilst I am asleep? Does the time of day really matter?

I thought I would check out a few of my competitors to see if they were selling similar items at half the cost. to my amazement I found that some were actually a fair bit more expensive, with higher shipping costs! So what is happening? Have I not filled in something correctly? have I accidentally turned something on or off that I shouldn't have?

Then I thought perhaps it's something to do with the amount of items in my shop? I thought back to just before X mas 2013 I had over 100 items in my shop and i seemed to be getting at least a couple of sales a week. Perhaps Etsy has some kind of algorithm that rewards shops with a lot of listings.

I am not quite at my wits end but I would really like to know what I need to do to make this work for me.

I'm in like 27 teams, I tweet every day, i ve even turned on the promote my listings thing. I ve offered coupon codes for discounts on twitter and Facebook. Do I need to make more treasuries? Do I need to hassle all my friends on face book? What? Will some one please just tell me! It's not like I am afraid of hard work I just want to know how my time should best be spent. It can't be magic or coincidence to make one shop more successful than another. So they are doing something that I am not but What!!!!!!!

Please someone comment even it only to share in my pain.