Thursday, 26 June 2008

import tax rant

Well i'd jut like to start my rant by saying isn't it enough that we get taxed enough over here in france! You'd think that they'd let us off if we found a bargain on the internet but noooooo. I am about to pay almost the same again for the shipment of beads because the customs want to take thier chunk out of me. I don't understand how something that costs 70$ can be liable for 34 euros worth of import duty. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Any way i hope everyone had a nice weekend, I was unusually sociable which was fun but tiring all the same, i actually dragged myself out from under my little jewellery making rock and went out to not one but two bbqs. The elation after my first sale has well and truly worn off, now i m back to being paranoid and self questioning about my work. I know things take time to get up and running but i do still feel llike stamping my feet and shouting to the heavens.

I have to say im a little dissapointed that no one has offered any potato printing requests, was it really that bad? But I have figured out how you can leave comments and please do. All you need to do is click on the envelope thingy at the end of each post and a little box will appear where you write your comments.

COMING SOON TO MY ETSY SHOP will be some supplies, im hoping to lure in some buyers that way and get my stock of beads down to a reasonable amount and you never know someone might be tempted into buying a piece of my reasonably priced very original jewellery.

Right im off.

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