Sunday, 28 September 2008

Etsy sale!

So yeah I was on my holidays minding my own business, yet another kitesurfing holiday cursed with crap wind so i thought I have a look on tinterweb. What do you know bam 5 sales on one day! And of the 5, 3 pieces of jewellery too. How happy was I finally someone has bought some jewellery, I was beginning to wonder if I was rubbish. The piece I was most happy to sell though a little sad to see her go, was my love from my last post, someone clearly fell in love with her shiny autumnal colours. But since then no more sales yet, but I am hopeful and any way I have found a new love, I 'll post her photo later.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Etsy Love

Whhoooo whoooo I got my 100th heart today!!! Granted I think more than half are bead shops promoting themselves and I can't wrong them for that. I ve actually hearted some of those shops selling interesting beads. Its only taken me 3 months to make it to the hundred(sarcasm) I think its a little slow but i can't expect the world, being stuck in my little mountain town getting bus cards out is a bit tricky. Doh! That reminds me I forgot to put one in with my electricity bill. Ah well there will be another one...unfortunately.

I'm off on my jollies tomorrow (holidays) so I have to go and pack my beading supplies because if my hubbie, bless him, thinks I'm going to be learnng how to kite surf for the whole week he's got to be kidding. So here's a little photo of my latest creation, I'm in love with this one, she's so photogenic and I've used the oxidized clasp that I spoke about last time.

See you again with more of a tan.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

latest commission

So my buddy from work gave me carte blanche to make his girlfriend a necklace and earrings for her birthday. "I'll leave it entirely up to you" he says. "excellent" I think as the ideas come pouring in. His Girlfriend is a very stylish and trendy thang that wears a lot of bold colours, so I thought red. I ran the red idea past my buddy and he was happy with the choice.

I ordered a selection of beads really cool frosted glass and some chain I wanted to make her something a little more edgy. I had a month to get it together. So after a few weeks I thought I'd better show him some samples. At which point he decides that what he wants is a pendant that will encourage his girlfriend to show off her cleavage a little more." Ok" I thought and promptly went home to find all that i could. Then he decides that he would quite like turquoise...But on seeing the turquoise things I had wasn't too keen.

So I returned to the red idea and made a dangly pendant type thing in red, sure that he would love it. Three days before her birthday he reveals "she doensn't wear earrings" Not a problem. I showed him the final piece. I was waiting for the look of "Oh yeah baby thats it" What i got was " Didn't we decide to go for turquoise?"

So I ran home at lunch and brought him everything I had in turquoise or blue. You know what he pointed at the one I was wearing and said "I like that one can I have that one?"

As you can se from the photos, no red, no pendant, no dangly things. I didn't of course give him the one I was swearing coz that would have been cheating. But the next time a man tells you how women can never make up their minds you tell him to go wash his mouth out with soap.

Monday, 1 September 2008

oxidizing copper

So This is what happens when you oxidize copper using two hard boiled eggs and a zip lock bag. I did these at the weekend and i thought you might like to see the actual results. So simple.