Friday, 20 June 2008

GnT and talkin crap

This post is dedicated to Alan and David for talkin crap and keeping the game alive! The game being laughing that is. That is what its all about at the end of the day, shootin the shit and laughing. If you can't laugh there really is noooo point. We were brainstorming and in between tallking about farting and burping and watching Turkey take a place in the next round of euro 2008 from right under the noses of the croations, we decided that the idea of a personal jewllery shopper/ creator was the way forward. IE blokes that want to buy something unique for their loved ones but haven't really got a clue could come to me with some ideas about what their other halves might like and i make it. This however is in now way a new concept i do alot of custom work already, even for some TV personlaities but that is by the by. But to try and promote myself and services to men buying for women. How to reach these men is the question??? Answers on a postcard please...

But all in all the subject always returns to burping and farting whilst sipping GnT. I love the summer

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