Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Felt in Falmouth

So I have gone from being at 1100 meters above the sea to almost having my toe in it in one fail swoop. This is a photo taken from the window of where I am living at the moment. I am going to be here in Flushing, Falmouth for the next three months or so.

When it is sunny the sun pours through the massive old bay windows and envelopes my work station. My only gripe is that its a little cold at night and the table isn't quite long enough for optimum scarf making.Oh and I do really miss having a towel dryer in the bathroom to hang my wet felt projects on to dry, laying things over the slightly dodgy looking electric storage heater gives me the fear.

I have put together a "how to" for making cobweb felt scarves I am just waiting on hubbie to take some pictures of me wearing the finished piece so watch this space!

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