Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Top tips on blogging and creating healthily part 1

I was reading a message from scoutiegirl ( check out her blog for lots of great tips see link below) about how the TV is the devil and stops us being creative and lures us into it's evil grasp when I had a thought. I thought I would write a post about being creative healthily.

What I mean is there is a certain amount of time in the day when our creative juices are flowing or a certain amount of time when we are physically able to create and if you are anything like me I try to fit in far too much. In doing so even if I have the best intentions I do think that my health suffers.

I try to see in the dark I forget to drink and may as well have a sugar drip stuck in my arm. So I am going to try and do as I say and I invite you to join me in being creative healthily.


This one is very important and the one that goes out of the window first. We need to drink. Period. Try and stop for a drink break every hour or so and try to make at least half of them water. Sugary drinks, tea or coffee aren't going to benefit your brain or body as much as water will.

Increase the amount of water you drink and see if your creativity lasts longer.


I find when I'm on a creative roll I just don't have the time to eat! I tend to grab for the cookie jar, for those little bite sized eats that enable me not to really stop and even carry on with the other hand.

bad bad bad!

What happens when we do this is that we over load the system with sugar and carbohydrates (No Im not going to try and sell you the Atkins diet don't worry) This in turn prevents the body from naturally burning fat. I'll not bore you too much with the science of it but the bottom line is that if we just snack through the day on cakes biscuits and the odd bit of bread we will become tired and hungry quicker. We will increase the risk of diabetes and put on weight.

So make sure you stop for a proper lunch even if it's just a sandwich and you stop for ten minutes and snack on some nuts perhaps or fruit or yoghurt or veg+dip maybe.


We only get one pair of eyes. Be it needle work, updating blogs,making jewellery or felt or whatever it is that you do we must look after our eyes, without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

So as tempting as it might be don't work in bad light. At dusk or at night make sure you have a really good light to work by as working in bad light puts masses of extra strain on the ole peepers.

And wear your glasses! Even if you don't think that they work and that you prescription is far to weak to even make a difference wear them. Your eyes were tested by someone who knows a damned site ( pardon the pun) more about eyes that you do.

I never used to wear my glasses and now I have doubled the strength of my lenses and have probably done irreversible damage.

For us long sited types try to look away from the computer or the embroidery or whatever regularly and focus on something at a distace. This will excersise your eyes and help them to relax. When I 'm doing clos work `i try to do this a couple of times a minute.


If you have the luxury of being able to work during the daylight hours, do so somewhere well lit with natural light. Sunlight is so much better for us than electric light. It helps rejuvenate the soul and up lift the spirit ( blah blah but it does) It also helps the development of vitamin D which defends the body against lergies, and it helps defend against S.A.D seasonal affective disorder.

That is it for part 1. Come back for part two where I will be having a rant about back health,music,singing,rest and workspace.

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