Thursday, 28 October 2010


So you remember that a few weeks ago I went to the big jumble sale down in Cluses a town about 30 mins away. Well I went back last weekend with a good friend of mine who also has a craft obsession. It was the last weekend and normally there is a bell an hour before close signaling HALF PRICE TIME! whooo whooooo but to our horror we found out that instead of closing at 1pm "comme d' habitude" it closed at 6:30pm Imagin the distress!

We weren't going to hang around looking at was for the most part over priced tat so we headed straight for the good stuff. Oh the joy to find out that the wool stand was already at half price. My buddy Lisa I could see it in her eyes just wanted to jump onto the wool stand and start swimming in it.

Anyway to cut a long story short Lisa got a bin liner full of wool for 15 euros BARGAIN and this is what I came away with for 10,50.

Trawling jumble sales and charity shops as well as being fun can also be very useful, what one person thinks is rubbish another thinks is gold.

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