Saturday, 6 November 2010

Dawanda V'S Etsy

So I have been getting right into this trying to promote my Etsy site thing recently. Fed up with no sales and low views, I have to admit I did start looking abroad you might say.

I joined Dawanda ages ago but i had never opened a shop there( Dawanda is the European version of Etsy). I had been reading very useful posts on the Handmadeology blog and Scoutiegirl about SEO I think it's called Search Engine Optimization.

Anyway I started to do a bit of research on the google shopping pages to see where Etsy sellers were coming up when I searched for products I know are in abundance on the site. Now Im no computer genius and I dare say that probably neither are most of our client base but when I went hunting for Etsy sellers i have to say the result was pretty poor.

"Odd" I thought last year if you searched for something on google Etsy always popped up. I thought that perhaps it was because I was using Google UK so I had a look at too. The result was better but not tip top, I found that there were not quite as many Dawanda items popping up as Etsy one but they were popping up. Where as on the Google uk pages Dawanda sellers were popping up everywhere but still no Etsy sellers.

I asked Why this might be in the Etsy Forums and was greeted by a feeble response of guesses by a few other sellers but no reply from anyone from ADMIN. I am more than a little miffed. I buy all the time from Etsy and even though it's a US based site it doesn't stop me and I doubt it would stop a lot of other British or European shoppers either; but if you can't see it how are we going to know that it's there????????

So to cut a long story short after sniffing around a little more on the shopping pages I decided it was high time I took the plunge and opened a Dawanda shop too. So we'll see in the coming months if I get any joy from the European market on Dawanda.

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