Monday, 22 November 2010

Christamas shopping night craft fayre

So I went across country last weekend to partake in the Christmas shopping night at my nephew's school. I went armed with a wheelie trolley full of new felt products hoping that my big sis had spread the word amongst the other mothers.

I almost didn't make it as there was a land slide the day before I was due to leave as storms smashed the south west. Luckily though the train line had been cleared and a normal service was running...phew!

I nestled into my seat for the near on 5 hour journey, I got out my threads, my felt shapes pre cut ready for stitching, my needles and buttons and got to work. I think anyone wanting to sit next to me may have been put off somewhat by the frantic pulling through of needles and threads.

On arrival to my sister's house she was eager to see my new stuff " I haven't brought that much jewellery this time" I said which was greeted by a look of horror and "Oh but i told everyone it was jewellery!"


Ho hum well they would just have to be disappointed as I pulled forth from my Mary Poppin's bag, scarves and clips and brooches and bags and booties...oh and a bit of jewellery.

I began setting up my table only to find my fabric to cover the table was too short. "Great start," I thought. I had too much stock and couldn't fit everything into the display, I had forgotten to include the bracelet kits on the price list, I was filled with doubt...It was going to be a flop.

But as the initial rush dropped off I started to sell the little hair clips and brooches, in fact they flew off the table. Then a very nice lady bought a scarf for a neice she didn't like but needed an excuse to buy something...sweet. I even sold a couple of necklaces and a few more scarves.

I was very pleased as the journey into felt land hasn't been very long so it was very encouraging to hear lots of very positive feed back and have a few more sales than I was expecting.

Roll on next years Christmas shopping night, I think I'll make a regular appearance.

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