Monday, 28 July 2008

Etsy statistics

I was thinking today whilst riding to work about how nice it would be to have some really serious meaty etsy statistics. I know there is and but neither of these (as far as i'm aware ) come directly from the all seeing eye that is etsy. I do use both of these quite a lot mind when i'm obsessing about how i can generate more traffic to my shop, blog, flickr etc.

I had a look at some past forums and i found out about something called "etsy" tools which apparently doesn't exist anymore, which is a shame.

But would it have been enough for me my thirst for knowledge and my obsessiveness? I think not. So I thought about writing in the forums and asking etsy for some stats but i often get ignored in the forums and i sometimes feel like I'm invisible (paranoia again) More to the point I think the post would have been to long and everyone would fall asleep before the punch line.

So here's my theoretical proposal you never know who might read this or who i might send it to when 'm drunk. In my perfect world of etsy I would love to have:

1/ A monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly report (which etsy could charge for say 1$) which would include...

2/number of etsy members total, number of shops, number of members registered to buy at the beginning of the month.

3/ Number of new members since the last report, how many shops how many buyers.

4/ A breakdown of catagories, how many shops in each catagory and how many new shops in each catagory.

5/ Sales figures for that period broken down into catagories, maybe listing the top 5 shops in each.

6/ If sales are up or down broken down into catagories.

7/ What day of the week gets more traffic and what time of day.

Then i started getting really into this idea and my ride to work takes at least 15 mins. I started to think about what i would like to know at any given moment whilst on etsy. You know like how if you are looking at treasuries you can see how many people are looking at them too.I would love to know how many people are logged in, how many non shop owners are logged in, I would love a hit counter on my shop to see how many people swing by because some people might look at pages but not particular items. You know i think this coulld create a full time job for a couple of people.

Well it's my dinner time but i would love to know what you think. Hell lets push the boat out, leave comments with your ideas and let's see how silly we can get our etsy stat report.

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