Saturday, 29 January 2011

First BNR treasury on ETSY!

OOOOOh how excited am I, I have made it into my first BNR treasury on ETSY. For those of you who aren't familiar with "Treasuries" it is a way of promoting other Etsians and their items. By compiling collections of 16 items the powers that be at Etsy choose treasury collections to go on the front page.

So when you go to the ETSY home page the items you see will be a treasury compilation made by one of the shop owners. The beautiful thing about this system is that you cannot promote yourself in these collections.

This is why I am so honored to be listed in a BNR treasury. BNR stands for buy and replace, so if anyone wants a real chance of making a sale they have to buy something from one of the featured shops then their shop replaces that from which they bought from.

So a big thank you to my Promotional Frenzy forum pals for including me!

'Out of Whole Cloth; Fiber-Lovers BNR ' by Giftbearer

Artists who work in Knit/Crochet/FeltThis will be Monday's Specialty BNR Opens 4:00 PM - 1 AMJanuary 31st$15.00 Buy-in MinimumFirst 4 buyers will get 2 spots! Please click, comment, and promote!

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Chunky Heathered Red Et...

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White Chiffon Trio of F...

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