Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Promotional Frenzy BNR treasury result

So anyone that might have read my last post about being featured in an ETSY BNR treasury on monday might like to know the result.

I made a sale! I sold one of my cobweb felt scarves. I was over the moon.

But this post is more about joining an ETSY TEAM. By joining an etsy team it gives you strength in numbers. So rather than posting the odd comment in some of the forum threads hoping that some one might notice you; by joining a team you are almost assured of getting noticed...if not only by the team captain.

What a team offers you ( well depends on the team I guess) But the promotional Frenzy team offers me not one lonely person trying to promote my shop but 71 people all trying to promote all of our shops.

I have to admit that since making the effort to complete as many as the challenges as I can my views and sales have increased. Wether this is due to the fact that I myself have been promoting my shop more or that I now have a whole bunch of people also promoting my shop I cannot be sure but I am very glad to have joined in.

So anyone new to ETSY or just a bit miffed by the hugeness of the of it and feel like you are drowning in all that etsy is. My advice would be to join a team and why not the Promotional Frenzy Team at that.

See you there!

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Giftbearer said...

Congrats on the increased sales and hope to see you at next week's BNR Treasury!