Monday, 31 October 2011

New Etsy Shop Name

Right then, previously when you signed up to etsy you weren't able to change your shop name and I didn't realize that your user name was your shop name. So I got stuck with sammi10 as my shop name.

Not very effective right? So I made my shop banner say all that glitters as I wanted this to be what people remembered, but as you can imagine there was no continuity. I have been a bit absent in recent months due to the renovation of our flat and while I was sleeping it has now become possible to change my etsy shop name.

"excellent" I thought I went to change it to all that glitters and yep you guesses it that shop name had already been taken. So I have a new name in mind but I would like to have your input too. If you have a name to suggest to me please comment on this post and let me know.

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