Monday, 24 October 2011


How perfect! I make felt, I now make soap, so felted soap is such a perfect combination. I have quite a few miss shapen soaps from my first few batches that are nice soaps but just don't look very pretty, so I'm going to tart them up so they won't get left out of the little christmas hampers I intend on making.

I was supposed to trim the soap to get rid of the hard edges but I forgot so this one is a bit wobbly. This one was more of a test than a gift effort, this one will probably end up in the bath with me.

For any one who has made felt before it is a very simple procedure. You follow the standard layering in opposite directions dampen rub ect. I think if anyone is interested I can make up a photo tutorial.

You don't have to be a soap maker to make felted soap gifts, look around the shops for interesting shaped soaps and felt them adding your own little stamp to it. I think the felted soaps will make fab Christmas stocking fillers.

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