Saturday, 19 February 2011

What's been happening with me lately?

So things have been a bit quite from me lately on the ole blogging and Etsy front, this is because after two years of living out of a back pack yoyoing too and from france and the uk I am finally back in Chamonix. Still how ever living out of a back pack and abusing our our lovely friends.

Though getting back here was no easy task! The van we hired to bring all of our stuff back broke down 200km away from our final destination...nightmare. Luckily for us I speak french so it wasn't too much of a drama to get rescued. We broke down at 3 pm and by the time the breakdown assistance had sorted us out with a hire car we didn't get up to cham till 9.30pm. We stayed with friends that have a trailer so we could go back down to the garage to retrieve our belongings. This took two trips 200euros and almost 800km of driving but we got there in the end.

Now we have been home for a week we have started work on our apt, the electrician is nealy finished first fix and Jon has started the plumbing. I have been stricken down with the flu from hell, what is the point of mucus I ask you? So I write this blog post from my sick bed....AHHHHH and that's why I haven't ben very active this past week.

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bead addict said...

Flu can be so nasty - Get well soon!