Monday, 29 April 2013

Dawanda and A Little Mercerie

So ages ago i wrote a post on ETSY vs DAWANDA and I have to say that Etsy won hands down. Though I think the enormity of etsy is sometimes its down fall it is most definitely also a big plus.

I found dawanda to be a little clunky not as easy to navigate and not as easy to promote my items, I felt like I just had to sit back and twiddle my thumb  and hope someone would come to me.

Any way this is not a post about etsy v dawanda rather a post on what am I doing to try and expand my own online presence.

I have recently within the last 12 month started to move away from selling jewelry but rather sell to those that make jewelry. I now sell supplies and vintage items on etsy at 

For all you Europeans out there I also sell beading supplies and vintage fabrics at

And for those Francophones I sell beading supplies and vintage fabric at

Now for those of you living States side and everywhere else in the world these two sites are certainly worth a look too as shipping can be very reasonable and you might find some really funky European items that you wouldn't necessarily  find in your home country.

So why not broaden your horizons and have a look at these two sites you never know they might surprise you

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