Thursday, 7 March 2013

This weeks offerings to ETSY

Hi all, as if you all didn't already know I now have two ETSY shops, one selling beads and vintage finds and the other selling jewellery felt items and housewares. So I thought I would start a regular post on what's new and going on in my shops.

I have started a new line of paper mache bowls, using recycled newspaper. I love the idea that all the rubbish we have to read in the news can be transformed into something beautiful... even if I do say so myself.

I also have a range of paper mache beads for sale at

Well actually they are paper mache clay beads, made using a recipe that can be found at

You may be sensing a bit of a theme here, yes I do seem to be a little obsessed with paper mache at the moment. But at least it's cheaper than buying shoes!

I have also listed a tutorial for the first time on how to make felt flowers, if you have always wondered how I make them you should check it out.

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