Saturday, 4 October 2008

It's winter

Well this is what we woke up to this morning the 4th of October OCTOBER I say! Yes all the trees were all bent over with the extra weight and it made me want to go and dig out my Christmas compilation CD.

It's too early for winter, I'm not ready for chopping wood in the snow, frozen fingers and not a minute to myself. I'm having to pinch my neighbour's wood as ours won't get delivered for another two weeks!

The snow this morning however did give me the ideal excuse to sit inside and make necklaces all morning. I've got a date for my jewellery show in London in november, which I am glad about that means I can start planning the one I will be having in Chamonix. I'm still not sure I will have enough stock, I suppose it's only a good thing if I sell out.

Oh well off to buy rat poison...sorry.

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