Friday, 3 October 2008

Here she is...

So as promised following my glowing last Etsy sale, of which I hope there will be many more, here is the new love of my life. I hope you will agree that she's pretty. I've used a lovely carved jade flower, citrine and smokey quartz among other lovely beads.

Now I ve go a panic on about Christmas, it's just around the corner and I am hoping for some big sales. I'm really hoping Etsy will shine. But I can't seem to stop myself buying more beads in fear that I won't have enough stock. This will be the first year that I do a Christmas bead party here at home in France and in the Uk and have my Etsy shop online too...EEEEKKKK!!! I am sure everything will work out, deep breaths, deeeep breaths.

So anyone reading this care to comment on your last Etsy Christmas experience go ahead I would love to hear about it.

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