Thursday, 4 September 2008

latest commission

So my buddy from work gave me carte blanche to make his girlfriend a necklace and earrings for her birthday. "I'll leave it entirely up to you" he says. "excellent" I think as the ideas come pouring in. His Girlfriend is a very stylish and trendy thang that wears a lot of bold colours, so I thought red. I ran the red idea past my buddy and he was happy with the choice.

I ordered a selection of beads really cool frosted glass and some chain I wanted to make her something a little more edgy. I had a month to get it together. So after a few weeks I thought I'd better show him some samples. At which point he decides that what he wants is a pendant that will encourage his girlfriend to show off her cleavage a little more." Ok" I thought and promptly went home to find all that i could. Then he decides that he would quite like turquoise...But on seeing the turquoise things I had wasn't too keen.

So I returned to the red idea and made a dangly pendant type thing in red, sure that he would love it. Three days before her birthday he reveals "she doensn't wear earrings" Not a problem. I showed him the final piece. I was waiting for the look of "Oh yeah baby thats it" What i got was " Didn't we decide to go for turquoise?"

So I ran home at lunch and brought him everything I had in turquoise or blue. You know what he pointed at the one I was wearing and said "I like that one can I have that one?"

As you can se from the photos, no red, no pendant, no dangly things. I didn't of course give him the one I was swearing coz that would have been cheating. But the next time a man tells you how women can never make up their minds you tell him to go wash his mouth out with soap.

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