Thursday, 11 September 2008

Etsy Love

Whhoooo whoooo I got my 100th heart today!!! Granted I think more than half are bead shops promoting themselves and I can't wrong them for that. I ve actually hearted some of those shops selling interesting beads. Its only taken me 3 months to make it to the hundred(sarcasm) I think its a little slow but i can't expect the world, being stuck in my little mountain town getting bus cards out is a bit tricky. Doh! That reminds me I forgot to put one in with my electricity bill. Ah well there will be another one...unfortunately.

I'm off on my jollies tomorrow (holidays) so I have to go and pack my beading supplies because if my hubbie, bless him, thinks I'm going to be learnng how to kite surf for the whole week he's got to be kidding. So here's a little photo of my latest creation, I'm in love with this one, she's so photogenic and I've used the oxidized clasp that I spoke about last time.

See you again with more of a tan.

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