Thursday, 5 March 2015

Daily Etsy Flash Sale

So as anyone who has stumbled across my blog in the past will know that I love to travel, long walks on the beach and I have two Etsy One shop sells beads, I try to find beads that aren't run of the mill type beads. I like to find vintage beads, beads that have been hand crafted or that are just so ridiculously pretty I just have to have them.
Like these beads for instance that I picked up in Turkey this autumn. I think they are just stunning, especially if you are going for the slightly boho ethnic type feel, ( i was going to say vibe then but I caught myself just in time.)

The other shop sells Vintage items, mostly vintage jewellery but also vintage French items as I live in France.

But I am here today to unashamedly self promote my bead shop. I want to be one of those etsy shops that sell thousands of units not just hundreds. So for the whole of march I will be having a daily flash sale which will give a considerable saving on one item each day. To find out which item is being featured you will have to check my Facebook page to find out.

I will let you in on a secret... Tomorrows flash sale item is going to be these awesome lamp work beads.
so if you like finding a bargain pop along to my shop or check my Facebook page for details on more products on sale.

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