Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Instagram...Get some vintage atomosphere

I didn't think that I particularly had an addictive nature but two things in the last few weeks have really got their hooks into me.
1/Yoga... everyone should do it

2/Instagram so much fun

What is Instagram? Well it is an app for i phone or I assume any other smart phone, but it's not just an app its a whole new social network media type thingamy jigg. Well it's new to me I have no idea how long it's been hanging around.

Do you see some of your freinds photos on facebook and wonder how did they get it to look all vintagy like that or misty or like it was taken in the 70's, well chances are it was all down to Instagram.

The app allows you to take a photo then apply one of about 10 filters changing the look of you photo. You can then add a caption and upload it to facebook and/or twitter, or not.

But like flickR or twitter there are a whole bunch of other people looking at and up loading images. Its a bit like a visual twitter a photo community.

What I have found though is that it is encouraging me to take more photos, which is a good thing. I am seeing art in the most random things like a pint of cider ( although after a few pints of cider I generally see art in everything)

I can use it to give my product shots more atmosphere and ambiance:

 Basically I think Instagram is awesome and it's a free app too which is great.

Thank you to the creators of instagram for adding a bit more fun to photography.

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