Monday, 16 January 2012

Back on Dawanda

pretty pink and white felt flower brooch - corsage on DaWanda

Discovered on DaWanda

By: allthatglitters

pretty pink and white felt flower brooch - corsage

DaWanda Shop-Widget
I gave Dawanda a go ages ago but I found it too time consuming to deal with both Dawanda and Etsy at the same time. I favored Etsy as this was my first port of call trying to sell my wares on the internet. Recently though a friend of mine managed to sell one of her items on Dawanda with next to publicity at all. She doesn't blog she doesn't tweet and she doesn't even have a Facebook page. So I thought I would give it another crack, after all it is a european based site. I do however find Etsy a lot more user friendly but is this just because I am so used to the Etsy platform? I must Give Dawanda a fair trial.

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