Friday, 2 September 2011

Virgin soap

I am sooooo excited about tomorrow!! My husband has gone away for the weekend to a school reunion (snore snore) and I am going to take this opportunity to make my first ever batch of soap! I didn't think my delivery of ingredients was going to get here in time but to my joy it was here when I got home from work. YAY.

I am going to make an olive oil soap, they call these "castile" soaps. But I have the fear. The recipe I have chosen is from a book by Melinda Coss and it sounds yummy, in fact i have chosen it because i have many friends that suffer with really bad eczema. I have heard that goat's milk soaps are really good for eczema sufferers. But I have also heard that milk soaps are notoriously difficult to master.

So am I getting out of my pram a little bit here or am i worrying for nothing? All the you tube videos I have watched say you should freeze the milk, but the recipe I have calls to heat it up agghhhhh!!!! Its not a pure milk soap so perhaps the fact that the liquid content is half milk half water changes things.

I will try and take some photos as I go along tomorrow and post them tomorrow evening then once I have had a few goes I might even try and make a video of my own.

So watch this space...I'm popping my soap cherry tomorrow.

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